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Blog Postings by David Hellerstein, MD



Recent postings include:

The Mysteries of Habit
How Can You Exercise Your Depression Away?
So, Does Exercise Treat Depression?
Your Mind at Rest
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Black Lines by David Hellerstein

Black Lines by David Hellerstein
for the full text, please go to: http://northamericanreview.org/6457-2/

There are a few constants in the many years since I have been trying to write seriously. One, of course, is the struggle to find a time to write, which has varied over my years in college, medical  Read More 
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Saving the Fire by David Hellerstein

How to keep your creative spirit alive? A recent dialog at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, sparked by a discussion among writers and artists in residence about traumatic fires they'd experienced, and effects on their creativity

See: http://northamericanreview.org/8398-2/
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